Here is a list of members as listed on the FAASB site, including all of your e-mails. Please contact if you would like to change your listing.

Center for the Visually Impaired

Contacts: gro.adirolflartnecivc|noxidc#noxiD rehpotsirhC, gro.adirolflartnecivc|llahp#llaH lihP, gro.adirolflartnecivc|enolamd#enolaM naD, gro.adirolflartnecivc|nnamr#nnaM nayR, gro.adirolflartnecivc|zsorok#zsorO neraK, gro.adirolflartnecivc|nesorl#nesoR noeL
1187 Dunn Avenue
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
Toll-Free Phone: 800.227.1284
Fax: 386.253.9178

Conklin Center for the Blind

Contact: gro.retnecnilknoc|lhubd#lhuB divaD
405 White Street
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
Phone: 386.258.3441
Fax: 386.258.1155

Florida Center for the Blind

Contact: gro.dnilblf|iksnizdubr#iksnizduB accebeR, gro.dnilblf|yrrebyamj#yrrebyaM eikcaJ
7325 S. W. 32nd Street
Ocala, Florida 34474
Phone: 352.873.4700
Fax: 352.873.4751

Independence for the Blind

Contacts: gro.tsewbi|sllirg.nosaj#sllirG nosaJ, gro.tsewbi|snede.adnyl#snedE adnyL, gro.tsewbi|kcirtapkrik.netsirk#kcirtapkriK netsirK, gro.tsewbi|pihsneknalb.nwahs#pihsneknalB nwahS
3107 North Davis Highway
Pensacola, Florida 32503
Phone: 850.477.2663
Fax: 850.479.4025

Independent Living for Adult Blind

Contacts: ude.jcsf|ihcnaibp#ihcnaiB reteP, ude.jcsf|nworboc#nworB .R einnoC, ude.jcsf|hgupm#hguP leahciM, ude.jcsf|nosnilmoT.elociN#nosnilmoT .M elociN
101 West State Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Phone: 904.633.8307
Fax: 904.632.5107

Lighthouse Central Florida

Contacts: gro.lf-fcl|swehtamc#swehtaM yesaC, gro.lf-fcl|orihsud#orihsU divaD, gro.lf-fcl|swehtamj#swehtaM yduJ
215 East New Hampshire Street
Orlando, Florida 32084
Phone: 407.898.2483
Fax: 407.895.5255

Lighthouse for the Visually Impaired and Blind

Contact: gro.bivl|rolyatb#rolyaT darB
8610 Galen Wilson Boulevard
Port Richey, Florida 34668
Toll-free Phone: 866.962.5254
Phone: 727.815.0303
Fax: 727.815.0203

Lighthouse of Broward County

Contact gro.bohl|etterrabe#etterraB cirE
650 North Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311
Phone: 954.463.4217
Fax: 954.764.3825

Lighthouse of Manasota

Contact: ten.nozirev|tnedutsswaj#senoJ ymmiJ
7318 N. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, Florida 34243
Phone: 941.359.1404
Fax: 941.359.2373

Lighthouse of Pinellas

Contacts: gro.sallenipfoesuohthgil|zerimarr#zerimaR leafaR, gro.sallenipfoesuohthgil|rekcutt#rekcuT miT
6925 112th Circle North - Suite 103
Largo, Florida 33773
Phone: 727.544.4433
Fax: 727.544.5511

Lighthouse of the Big Bend

Contact: gro.dnebgibesuohthgil|nedwobe#nedwoB htebazilE
3071 Highland Oaks Terrace
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Toll-free Phone: 888.827.6033
Phone: 850.942.3658
Fax: 850.942.4518

Lighthouse for the Blind of the Palm Beaches

Contact: gro.sehcaebmlapesuohthgil|knirt#ykswoknirT leahcaR
1715 Tiffany Drive East
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
Toll-free Phone: 888.299.8881
Phone: 561.586.5600
Fax: 561.845.8022

Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Contacts: gro.esuohthgilimaim|arevirb#areviR mailliW, gro.esuohthgilimaim|onipledb#onipleD arabraB, gro.esuohthgilimaim|nosbigb#nosbiG nodnerB, gro.esuohthgilimaim|iohcj#iohC niJ, gro.esuohthgilimaim|noeledo#noeleD saesO
601 SW 8th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33130
Phone: 305.856.2288
Fax: 305.285.6967

New Vision for Independence

Contact: gro.lfnoisivwen|rehcamuhcsc#rehcamuhcS irehC
9501 US Hwy 441
Leesburg, FL 34788
Phone: 352.435.5040
Fax: 352.435.6303

Tampa Lighthouse for the Blind

Contacts: gro.esuohthgilapmat|nosugref.divaD#nosugreF divaD, gro.esuohthgilapmat|dnalyh.refinneJ#dnalyH refinneJ, gro.esuohthgilapmat|reprah.nahtanhoj#repraH nahtanhoJ, gro.esuohthgilapmat|enolazna.ynnel#enolaznA ynneL, gro.esuohthgilapmat|yentruoC.leahciM#yentruoC leahciM, gro.esuohthgilapmat|eel.nerraw#eeL nerraW
1106 West Platt Street
Tampa, Florida 33606
Toll-free Phone: 866.251.2407
Phone: 813.251.2407
Fax: 813.254.4305

Visually Impaired Persons Center

Contacts: gro.retnecpiv|seralg#seraL onibaG, gro.retnecpiv|srrabc#srraB eltsyrC
35 West Mariana Avenue
North Fort Myers, Florida 33903
Phone: 239.997.7797
Fax: 239.997.8462

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